Móttakari DVB-T T2 frá FTE sem er með frábæra sker

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móttakari fyrir stafrænar fríar rásir.
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 DVB-T T2 Móttakari sem er með scart og  HDMI fyrir gamla sjónvarpið.

We already have available our DVB-T2 receiver (Second Generation Digital Terrestrial Video Broadcasting) with H.265 and the same guarantee of efficiency and reliabilitythat has been offering in the receivers of Fte of recent times.

The DVB-T2 standard provides a higher bit rate per second with regard to the standard DVB-T, allowing more HDTV services within the same terrestrial television channel, greatly improving its efficiency and capacity versus the DVB-T standard.

Another great advantage for equipment that incorporate tuners that support the DVB-T2 standard is that they are compatible with the DVB-T standard current or commonly known DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). In fact, the DVB-T2 standard not has been designed to replace the DVB-T standard to short or medium term; rather the two standards will coexist on the market.

DVB-T2 broadcasts are already present in a large number of countries, as Germany, Sweden, England, Finland, Italy and Iceland.

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