Triple Dragon TILBOÐ

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Þetta er móttakari er fyrir lengra komna, nettengdur "BARA FLOTTUR"

If you have used the Dreambox you will definitely love this! It's just been released on the market and recommended for PC enthusiasts.


-Front-End Control for Satellite Receiver
-Front End Supports Controller for LNB Switches: 0V/12V,
14V/18V, 0/22KHz, DiSEqC1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0
-Dish Motor: DiSEqC1.2
-Digital Stream Format
-MPEG-2 Compliant, and backward compatible with MPEG-1

-System: Support various system formats, includes
Transport Stream (TS) Program Stream (PS) Packetized Elementary
Stream (PES) Elementary Stream (ES)
-Digital Video: Support Main Profile / Main Level (MP@ML) with
720 x 576 x 25 (Width x Height x FramesPerSecond) for PAL system,
and 720 x 480 x 29.97 (Width x Height x FramesPerSecond) for
NTSC system
-Digital Audio: Support the followings MPEG-1, MPEG-2
Layer I, II, III (MP3)
-AC-3 reformatted

Conditional Access:

-Support one slot Common Interface (DVB-CI, EN50221) and working
smoothly with the following existed systems and CAMs:

Irdeto I && II
Viaccess I & II

-Support two slots embedded Conditional Access (CA) for Two Conax

-Audio & Video Output
-RCA Jack with Composite Video and Stereo Audio
-RF Modulator
-S/P-DIF optical out for PCM / AC-3 / DTS


-10/100Mbps full duplex ethernet interface
-USB connector for keyboard, mouse, photo camera, etc.


-Up to 16MB flash ROM
-Up to 64MB SDRAM

Front Panel:

-Graphical LC-Display
-IR Receiver
-Keypads include Power, Menu, Select, Exit, Up, Down, Left
and Right

General Features off DBS-3000: Digital Satellite Receiver -

Hardware Specification:

-Chipsets Integrated IBM Pallas series products, includes IBM04500,
with PowerPC405 processor IBM04500 252 MHz/350 MIPS
-16K Instruction Cache and 16K Data Cache- Demultiplexer x 3
-DVB Descrambler x 3
-MPEG-2 Video and Audio Decoder
-Display Controller to support 5 planes blending display with
-NTSC and PAL video encoder
-2-D Graphics with BitBLT, free-size vertical and horizontal Scalar
and Blending
-External Processor Interface (EPI, 32-bits address and 16-bit Data)
-General Purpose Timers (GPTs)
-Pulse Width Modulators
-IDE Interface (ATA-5)
-USB 1.1 Host Controller
-Two Smart Card controllers
-Two I 2 C Interfaces
-Three UART750 Serial Communication Ports
-General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
-Serial Controller Port
-Synchronous Serial Port/Digital Audio Input
-420-ball EPBGA
-SMSC LAN91C113-NC Ethernet Controller
-Philips TDA8004 IC Card Interface
-PCM1725U Audio DAC
-STV6412ADT Audio Video (AV) Switch & Electronic Volume Control

I/O Interface:

-AC 90V ~ 260V power input
-Tuner signal input with loop-through
-Modulator with multi-system output and external signal input
for loop-out
-RCA, SCART, S-Video and S/PDIF connectors
-RJ45 for ethernet interface
-Special-defined external bus interface to connect with second
tier’s HDD, DVD±RW and Compact Flash
-One slot PCMCIA interface for CI
-Two Slots IC Card Interface for CA ( Conax only)
-IR Remote Sensor
-USB 1.1 Host

Software Specification:

Operating System:

-Debian Linux Open Source which supports Linux Standard API

Basic Receiver Features:

-User friendly installation with and automatically channel search
Support for DiSEqC 1.0 1.1 1.2 2.0
-Unlimited channel lists
-Unlimited bouquet and favorite lists
-Cool booting within 6 seconds
-Channel switching in less than one second
-DVB EPG support
-EPG support for non-DVB channels (MTV, CSAT (France), etc.)

Teletext support:

-Hardware assisted display of pictures (photocd, photo camera, etc.)
on TV
-Multi language OSD

-Support 16:9 / 4:3 video format
-MP3 Player
-Linux Games
-PVR ready